Growing Veg in the Colder Months

It’s only August but already thoughts turn to autumn and winter. Growing in the colder months is a little easier in that there are fewer pests and weeds to contend with and you don’t need to water very often. However, you do need to keep your plants protected from the elements so that they can grow well…
1. Give plants some shelter

The warmth of a greenhouse, polytunnel can really help, particularly if you live up north or in an area that sees heavy frosts. If you’re growing outside make sure they’re out of windy areas and frost pockets. A cloche can help too.

2. Use horticultural fleece

A layer of horticultural fleece draped over your veg plants acts as insulation and keeps frost off whilst allowing light and water in. It’s easy to make mini tunnels using old bits of hose pipe to create hoop supports for the fleece.

3. Pop some straw around the base of plants

Using straw helps to keep the ground a little warmer for them.

4. Bring pots under cover when it’s wet

During those inevitable spells of relentless rain it is a good idea to bring pots under cover, even if it’s just up against a wall to stop them from becoming waterlogged.

5. Use your windowsills

Whether it’s a windowsill in your front porch or in the kitchen, you can grow a few leaves in pots really well as they’ll get plenty of light and a little extra warmth.



  1. I’m a gardener and mother of two cute children.
    I love growing my own garden and make sure that my family will have the fresh vegetables.
    Love you post here.

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