Allotment Diary-Mid July and it finally rained!

Full disclosure – the image at the top is not my allotment, it is from the Walled Garden at Berrington Hall in Hereford, that was absolutely stunning and was planted in a Potager style. This is how I hope a tiny part of my allotment may look one day.

This is my allotment……..


After a lot of hard work we have now cleared about two thirds of the allotment, we have around 8 raised beds, the start of a pond and last week we planted a Victoria plum tree.

There is a website called ‘Rocket Gardens’ and they supply ‘ready to go’ small vegetable, herb and fruit plants, it popped up that they were having a 40% sale so we order an ‘Autumn Vegetable Garden’. In future I hope to grow from seed, but the allotment is a new venture so we didn’t get a chance this year. The Rocket Garden arrived Tuesday so every evening after work has been a mad dash to get the remaining raised beds built and the garden planted. Here’s what arrived in our garden;

  • Various cabbages (Spring, Green, White, Red)…we will not be short of cabbage!
  • Cauliflower
  • Sprouts
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  •  3 x Hissop Herbs for more info on Hissop click the link

Everything has to be netted as soon as planted otherwise the birds or the bunnies will have it. Along with the vegetable garden I also ordered a Jostaberry and Lingonberry bush, we want fruit at the Allotment but not necessarily the fruit you can easily buy, so it will be interesting to see how they get on, although I must confess I do need to read up on how to care for them. I am considering buying an old fashioned paper allotment diary, so I can write notes to myself of what to do when for each crop? I think this may be helpful

I will also be interested to see how the Rocket Garden gets on, with mixed success in the past. I am concerned with growing carrots, as I know carrot fly can be a big problem and we also have fairly stoney soil, so I am not expecting a great success.

Meanwhile the kids have been pretty happy building a ‘fairy’ garden, although this is more  one of them constructing whilst the other throws things! The vegetables we planted originally – our bargain basement end of season trays – are doing very well, I am pleasantly surprised with the size of the cauliflower and also the marrow, although less impressed with the yellow courgette, which is taking longer to mature than the regular green courgette, it will look pretty when harvested though. I will be looking this week to find a recipe for marrow that looks nice. Thank goodness it rained, it all needed it so much, although it hasn’t really stopped raining since so I would like to see some sun again now please.

We were also very pleased to pick up some cheap tools at a car boot sale, and a book from a second hand book shop about storing allotment produce, lets hope they have a big section on cabbage!

Happy Digging! x



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  1. Haile- your allotment looks terrific! Here’s to a huge crop! 🙂

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