In a Vase on Monday – A little bit of calm….

I really wanted my vase this week to be a collection of colors to help de-stress. I have a busy and stressful week ahead, and wanted to put together a few flowers that when I look up from laptop will be soothing and calming. With this in mind I have gone for white, pale blue, lavender and pale pink – I actually think the arrangement might look better without the fuschia, but I had to cut some of it back and felt it a shame to waste it.

At the front and star of the show is a Clematis – I think this is ‘Blue Angel’ but I am not 100% sure, it is coming to the end of its flowering now, but has looked beautiful for weeks. I love Clematis, and think they are very rewarding climbers.

I have also used a white Pelargonium and a white Hydrangea, that are still looking beautiful and also a spike of Veronica ‘First Lady’ which is currently brightening a dark corner.

I have also used a white Achillea, and the above mentioned Fuschia – which I think could be ‘Whitenights Pearl’ it is a vigourous hardy fuschia and I have a love/hate relationship with it. It was already in the garden when we moved in 10 years ago, and I have moved it about endlessly, and yet for some reason I have just never warmed to it. It is a fairly substantial size now, even though I cut it back each year, it always seems ‘unbalanced’ to me, and yet it is one of the plants that people always comment on that they like! It is due for another house move next year as we are relocating the pond, so maybe this time I will find a spot for it that I will warm to it in.

Also in the vase are a few stems of Lavender,and the brighter green is a stem of Lady’s Mantle, on its way over now but still looking pretty.

I do like to include to a little piece of folklore around flowers with my posts and this is rather nice about Lavender, as a natural insect repellent, lavender was pressed into use as a plague antidote , worn in bunches tied to wrists, it probably repelled the fleas whose bites caused plague and in France, it was noted that glovers, who perfumed their products with the herb, never contracted cholera. I am burning some Lavender oil in the little oil burner next to my vase today, so as well as enjoying the pretty flowers I can enjoy the scent too.

Why not visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and see what other people have in their vases this week too……



  1. Yes inded, that clematis is icily cool looking and there are some interesting white blooms to accompany it – must look out for a white veronica. I know what you mean about the fuchsia – my Mum has one like this, a large one, and I am in two minds about introducing it here as I just don’t think there is a suitable spot. Saying that, I bought a reject red version of this which I was quite ambivalent about for a long time, but have grown to appreciate its value. Thanks for sharing your vase today and hope you get through your week (first week of school hols!) OK – keep it up with the lavender!!

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    1. I do like the ‘showier’ fuschia’s to be honest. I have a small garden and I just think it’s not enough bang for its bulk! Might be on its way to the front garden next year, along with Peony that’s annoying me.


      1. Haha – I have just removed a peony, and another one will go soon … and we don’t have a front garden to move them to….! 😉

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  2. It’s a lovely vase and certainly sets a calming tone. The little Fuchsias make it for me but then I covet Fuchsias, which are hard to grow in my climate – we’re just too hot and they’re too thirsty. I hope the week is less stressful than you’re anticipating. Best wishes.

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  3. I really like the Fuchsia and love the lavendar stories!

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  4. The cool colours really do produce a calming effect. And I like the addition of the white veronica – very pretty! Hope your week is good, and calmer than you expect!

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  5. Hope the calming colors in your arrangement remind you to slow down and relax this week. Beautiful clematis.

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