In a Vase on Monday – Lazarus Hydrangea

It is Hydrangeas I wanted to share this week, as every year I admire them. Named after the Greek for ‘water’ and ‘vessel’ (for the little cup like flowers) they are a plant that gives so much in my garden. They look beautiful from June, when those big stalked heads begin to form right through the Autumn when the frothy flowers dry themselves upon the shrub. I don’t cut them until early spring, someone once told me the spent flower heads provide food and shelter for insects over winter and I think they look majestic, dried in the winter border. This posy shows the range of colours I have in the garden, ranging from the purest white to a dark purple, I have slightly Alkaline soil, but will still enjoy a blue hue every once in a while. My favorite are the white flowers with the hint of green, so pure and fresh and clean. I have also just realised they are the Wimbledon colours, so very perfect for this week. We have big plans next year to move our garden pond and free up more border space, and first on my list of new plants will be some delicate lace head Hydrangeas.

I will keep this posy until they begin to shrink slightly and then I will tie them in a bunch and hang them upside down on my herb rack for 1-2 weeks and then we will have beautiful dried hydrangea to enjoy for many more weeks to come. Tucked in between the umbrella are grass heads from the front lawn and dried lavender from last year.

An old folklore attached to Hydrangea is that if planted in the garden of a single lady, she will never wed, but it’s not all bad news, apparently if you burn the bark (which is layer upon layer of colour of you every scrape it back) it will break any curse that may have been placed upon you.

My hydrangeas came back from the dead. A few years ago my husband pruned them in so vicious a manner I never thought I would see them again, and for a few years they limped on, barely flowering, so I am even happier to see them thriving again….

The In a Vase on Monday posts are hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, do pop over and take a look at the other vases. Wishing you all a lovely week.



  1. Your hydrangeas are stunning, how fortunate that they survived the over-zealous pruning! I agree with you- the blues, pinks and purples are stunning but that green has that little something extra special.

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  2. Lovely hydrangeas. It is wonderful to have garden plants that give so much pleasure for such a long period. /susie


  3. Thank you for celebrating your hydrangeas on IAVOM – I especially like the green one. I have a ‘sink or swim’ hydrangea that came from the Golfer’s mother’s house in a pot and after a heavy pruning it was shoved at the back of the woodland edge border as I was quite ambivalent about it – but it thrived!! Your blog looks really interesting and attractively laid out, Haile, and I will pop over and visit it when I can. Too many lovely blogs to follow regularly! I too am in the Midlands


  4. I too love hydrangeas! As a single lady maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t plant one at our new house! 🙂

    Hydrangeas are super hardy! You can prune (hack) them down to the the very base and they will grow back!

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    1. Thank goodness or else it would have been the end of mine!

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  5. Beware of husbands bearing pruning shears! 😉 Glad they recovered so well.

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  6. You’ve a lovely collection of hydrangeas! I had some in my former garden and miss them but, between our drought and the intense sun and wind in my current garden, they’re nearly impossible to grow here.

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  7. Great to share your story and your lovely blooms. I am sure to make room for one of the colourful shrubs. I have Vanille Fraise in a large pot, but this autumn it will be much happier in the ground.

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  8. crimsomblog

    Merry Meet, hydrangeas amazing abundant clusters of flowers. Bugs who sprawl themselves amongst the hydrangea petals lucky lucky thee.
    Colours of your hydrangeas are an amazing treat.
    Peace and health yo you

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