Compost. To cover or not to cover??

We have inherited a pretty large compost heap/trough at Allotment 19b, made from corrugated steel on both sides and fully lined in plastic. One end is already thick with beautiful rich compost and the other end is rapidly filling up with all the dug up weeds from the site. We have two big questions about the compost, should we cut the plastic bottom off so the worms can have the freedom to do their magic? It’s about 1.5m deep the trough so it’s pretty big. (It could be less than that, I’m the product of a generation that got taught the Metric system at school despite the world around and all grown ups still using Imperial-the result any reference to length, width, is purely guess work) Should we cover the whole heap in carpet? Will this help keep the heat in and quicken the process? We have started saving all of our chicken and rabbit poo from home to dump on the heap. Yes, we now have a box of poo we keep at home! We are also mixing in a few shovel fulls of the fresh manure the horse stables bring to the site to break the ‘green’ waste up a little. I know you can put cerain waste food on the heap (nothing cooked etc) but we are not going to do this, the chickens have our scraps and I drink so much tea that if we composted the bags it would literally be a compost of ‘all the tea in china’!….does caffeine help plants grow quicker? I suspect not. So this is our big dilemma, to cut or not to cut? To cover or not to cover? Either way we are so happy we finally have a compost heap of our own, I’ve watched Monty Don and Alys Fowler (my two favourite gardeners) tell me so many times how important making compost is,  I finally feel like we have rounded the circle of the garden/allotment cycle, especially as we have our own box of poo to add to it. 

As you can see, it is my son Rowans favourite place to be at the allotment too….(he’s on the nice compost bit not the manure chicken poo bit)….maybe he’d never forgive us if we covered it up! 



  1. Why not dig out and spread the compost that’s ready, then you’ll have more space to add green waste etc. I compost tea bags and coffee grounds; a good source of browns when the garden is producing so much green! I only cover my compost when the bay is full but not yet cooked.


    1. That’s a good idea to get the compost out that’s ready! Hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.

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