In a Vase on Monday-Happy May Day!

This is my Vase/Old Jar for the lovely In a Vase on Monday meme, from Cathy at Rambling in the Garden (why not check it out or even better take part!) This Vase is a celebration of all things Spring in my garden today, and although the sun has all but deserted us, the flowers haven’t. 

You can see beautiful English Bluebells, Rhodedendron of various varieties, my favourite is the yellow that looks and smells very similar to honeysuckle. Their is a delicate stem of Lily of the Valley, oh how I love Lily of the Valley! Some sprigs of Forget-me-Not an early Delphinium and I think the pink flower might be the weed/wild flower Ragged Robin? Not sure it’s pretty whatever it is!

Wishing you all a wonderful May Day, whether you be leaping bonfires or dancing round may poles. 

Haile x 



  1. Oh what colours – definitely full of the joys of spring! What a vibrant yellow that rhododendron is. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day

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  2. And a taste of the stronger colours that will follow as well, with summer – delicious vase! Your lovely pink wildling is Red Campion, by the way (I think!!!) I’m with Cathy on that yellow rhododendron, perfectly complimented by the forget-me-nots!

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    1. Yes I think it is red campion. Thank you!

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      1. You are so welcome – once again – lovely vase!


  3. A lovely vignette! Happy May Day!


  4. ! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day


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