In a Vase on Monday – Vintage Bette Davis

So it seems like Spring has sprung in the last couple of weeks and each corner of the garden is coming to life with a pace that is breathtaking! You can almost hear the plants squeaking out each new centimeter of growth. This Mondays Vase as part of the In a Vase on Monday Meme from Rambling in the Garden – is a true celebration of early Spring in my Garden – vintage style.   I think the vase this week has a beautiful classic look, which I really like – it could be straight from an old Vintage Birthday card. Tucked in around the Camellia is a delicate yellow Primula, some stately stems of ajuga, grape hyacinth that are always neither purple or blue and my first sprig of forget-me-not, I love forget-me-not, I know some people think of it as a weed, but I let roam wherever it wishes around my garden.

The star of the show is the Camellia. Camellias make me think of the wonderful, glamorous Bette Davis in Now, Voyager, my Nanny Reed looked like Bette Davis when she was younger so they make me think of her too. I know Camellias do not lend themselves to being cut flowers, but I couldn’t resist using one this morning, even if we only get to enjoy its full beauty for 24 hours. I have a few Camellias around the garden, planted by the previous owners of our house Fred and Lilian. They were an elderly couple when my husband brought the house 14 years ago, and I think they may have been the only occupants other than us.  They had moved out by the time the house was to be sold so my husband organised the sale through their daughter. He lived here for a few years before I did, and he is not a gardener, but it was obvious to me when I saw the garden that Fred and Lilian were, and we now have many beautiful shrubs and perennials thanks to them. I like to imagine what they would make of the garden now if they saw it, and the delight they might take in seeing what has become of some of their plants. Although I am sure there may be one or two things they would not be so happy about! I am grateful for many of the wonderful plants we have inherited none the less – as what are gardens after all, if not a vision and a gift to the future.

So my vase this week is a little bit my Nan, a little bit Bette Davis and a little bit Lilian and Fred, and this quote from the divine Bette Davis in Now, Voyager says it all, and I think is fitting for my little Vintage Vase this week…

“Shall I tell you what you’ve given me? On that very first day, a little bottle of perfume made me feel important. You were my first friend. And then when you fell in love with me, I was so proud. And when I came home, I needed something to make me feel proud. And your camellias arrived, and I knew you were thinking about me. Oh, I could have walked into a den of lions. As a matter of fact, I did, and the lions didn’t hurt me.” —

Davis, explaining how Henreid’s love has changed her.



  1. Grr, I think my comment disappeared before it was posted…😐 I was saying how nice it was that you are maintaining the pleasure Fred and Lilian had in their garden, and suggesting that you will still find joy in your camellia bloom once it starts to fade…

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    1. I am trying! I do wish I’d have seen what was here before my now husband starting ‘clearing’ the garden! The mind boggles what he pulled up, bless him! 🙂

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  2. It’s very nice to hear that you are enjoying Fred and Lilian’s plantings. We love our gardens and so often they don’t outlive their gardeners. Your arrangement is bursting with spring’s promise. I wont breathe a word of this to Joan Crawford!


    1. That has made me want to watch ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’ now! That is a very good, creepy old movie 🙂


  3. Your links between your obvious love of old movies and your appreciation of the garden you inherited are delightful!

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    1. Thank you! I do love an old movie!


  4. I agree with Cathy – lovely vase, but just as nice is the idea that people who previously gardened your space are still remembered!

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    1. Thank you. I’m grateful for all the beautiful plants they left us.


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