In a Vase on Monday; First Post – Pieris

This is the first time I have posted to the In a Vase on Monday meme from Rambling in the Garden but weekly I have enjoyed the post, and as it is the Spring Equinox I thought why not join in.

My vase is really an old decorative jar picked up from a charity shop a few years ago, it also looks very pretty with a tea light. It has a bright bunch of Pieris, which just looks beautiful at the moment with the flash of red and the tiny but abundant bunches of what looks like miniature Lily of the Valley. I then pinched a few bay leaves from a giant bay tree that is a welcome source of ever green in my garden, and tucked right in the front is a Hellebore, my absolute favourite early Spring flower. I’ve cheated a bit as in the other vase are Rose Hips and Rose Leaves from my recent pruning which I thought looked pretty and couldn’t bare to throw away. The other bits of green and white are unknown from my ‘hedgerow’ boundary with my neighbour. 

Meanwhile Spring is everywhere in the garden. My recent ‘wildflower’ seeds are germinating, I have a rhubarb that I thought had died that’s popping up, tulip and bluebells are growing daily and will be flowering soon, as well as the aquilegia and forget me not. My pond is full of frog spawn, as well as a weird green slime, I hope it survives. Just hope the slugs stay away in all this rain. I love the way you can see the wetness from the rain on the Hellebore. Typical Spring weather.

Happy Equinox x 



  1. The Pieris is a a very pretty shrub with the bonus of very pretty flowers. I wish I could grow it but my climate is just too hot and dry. Happy spring!


    1. I’ll swap hot and dry for wet and cold any time! happy spring too!


  2. It’s certainly not cheating to use prunings – prunings, casualities, houseplants, whatever catches your eye, that’s what makes it so much fun πŸ™‚ Thank you for entering into the spirit of the meme – and I hope you enjoy the vases you create as well as joining in with us ps I see you are not too far away from me…


    1. I’m really looking forward to taking part. I’ve always enjoyed the posts I’ve seen and I think I thought it was more complicated to join in! πŸ™‚ Yes I am in the West Midlands, I’m in Great Barr, in a 1950s semi, but only a short walk from Sandwell Valley so can’t complain. I can’t believe your Bergenia is flowering, not even a stalk on mine yet, you must have slightly warmer weather! Thanks again for the lovely posts and congrats on your 5 years blogging.


      1. I had to ask all sorts of questions about links and such when I first started joining in memes, but garden bloggers are very helpful and forgiving too so do ask if you are unsure. I am just the other side of Tamworth

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  3. Thank you for the Pieris, it is a favorite of mine and I am too far south to have it in my garden anymore. Love the other elements, especially the Rose Hips, well done!


  4. Your Pieris is just lovely. Welcome to the world of Monday vases. It’s certainly a lot of fun!

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