Baby Tomatoes and Hot Peppers…..

Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow at home, as I believe the taste of a fresh Tomato just cannot be beaten. I had great success one year when I bought the young plants from a garden center and just grew them up a sunny wall in gro-bags, they were a ‘cordon’ variety – which i think means you pluck out the side shoots when they start to grow and you stake them, however I don’t think I knew this at the time as this was a few years ago so they just grew! and I had loads of tomatoes and no blight and I loved them. The last few years I have had less success, I had blight the one year, and the other year I think I put them out too early and they got wind bashed and then last year I kept them in my plastic green house in an attempt to protect them from blight and wind, but I didn’t open the front enough and I hardly had any tomatoes. This year I am trying a new method! I have purchased the plug plants early from the garden center – they were £3 for 6 plants, which I think 50p a plant is good. I have potted them on too slightly bigger pots in my plastic greenhouse and I have gone for a bush variety rather than a cordon, and I am not sure I always do the right thing with the cordon variety. I will keep them in the green house for as long as possible and then pot them on to the gro-bags in a sheltered sunny spot near the back door so I always remember to water them. Fingers crossed I will have a better year!

I am also growing hot pepper plants, I may do the same with these, or if I run out of space I may grow these in my small conservatory. I’d love to try a cucumber but just not sure I have the space in my small plastic greenhouse.

Next project – baby pea shoots for salad……

Wish me luck!


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