Wild Wood Tarot and Imbolc

The 1st February is the festival of Imbolc, traditionally this is celebrated in differing names across many cultures as the birth of Spring. As with many of the old festivals, all you need to do is look to the natural world to see why these dates became special. From Imbolc, you will start to notice the days becoming longer, the sun becoming stronger and the first signs of Spring breaking through the frosty winter earth. I have recently starting using the Wild Wood Tarot and love the way it uses the ‘wheel of the year’ as the journey through the Wild Wood to set up the meeting places for the Archetypes you will meet there and begin to layer up your Tarot readings and consultations. I will be posting about each turn of the wheel and how this links back to the Wild Wood as the year unfolds.

The journey begins with Imbolc, so in your traditional Tarot deck this would be The Fool. In the Wild Wood Tarot Imbolc sees the woods move from the ‘time of earth’ to ‘the time of arrows’ – so again if thinking back to traditional Tarot this would be the move from Pentacles to Swords – however when I am using the Wild Wood Tarot I try to approach its own and not get tangled with the traditional tarot meanings. In relation to nature this captures the transition perfectly, the earth has been dormant, it has rested, it has conserved energy and then from Imbolc onwards it moves towards a time of action, a time of reawakening and a time of literal growth – symbolised here through the earth and through the arrows. What I always keep in mind when drawing arrows is the need for direction and intent, and this is important at this turn of the year.


What I like about both these cards including the link of Earth and Arrows is that for me they capture the essence of the time of year, it is a time when it is easy to feel a connection between what is happening in nature and what we are feeling inside. There is a tendency to take stock of the last 12 months, there is often a sense of our own mortality as another year moves forward and the natural world is so dormant, but then comes this sense of awakening, a need to move forward, a need to make plans and our energy grows as the days lengthen.

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey through the Wild Wood Tarot. I will be using the cards around Imbolc to help set my intentions for the Spring and to leave behind the negatives from the previous turn of the wheel. How will you be marking Imbolc and do you have your own journey planned through your own Wild Wood for the coming year?

For more information on the Wild Wood Tarot you can click here….Wild Wood Tarot


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