A Baby Blessing…..

I am due to have a baby in 4 weeks time and have been looking at ways to welcome the little one into the world using Herbs and Plants. The below are some of the suggestions I have come across that can be worked into a dedication ritual or ‘wiccaning’ as well as plants and herbs to protect the new baby.

Daisies – if any can be found in mid-winter, can be used to decorate the altar and the crib. Obviously best suited to a Spring or Summer baby and I would opt for some beautiful big Ox-eye Daisies, and possibly some handmade daisy chains for little wrists and ankles. To build in some extra magic I would make a wish for the baby with each fresh link, with the overall circle of the ‘chain’ being representative of protection.

Elder – The flowers to be used for Incense and the wood for a gentle wash for the baby. Elder is well known as a highly protective herb. It is said to contain a strong spiritual energy which manifests as feminine – sometime’s referred to as the ‘Elder-tree-Mother’ she is very protective of her grove, and the idea is that if you wash the baby in a gentle infusion of elder wood, she will recognise them as one of her own and lend this extra layer of protection.

Iris – to be planted on the day of any specific ritual you may be undertaking and as part of it if you can. It is said that planting just a small patch of Iris will bring happiness to the growing child.

Lavender – to be used as Incense or for any other purpose. For the first three months of a babies life it is worth keeping in mind that it is best not to use anything on their skin etc After this point if you do want to use essential oils then Lavender and Chamomile are generally considered safe – although only ever in very diluted concentrations. A drop in a diffuser or a bath would be all you would need.

Mulberry – a Mulberry leaf can be placed near the Moses basket or cot to protect the baby. Specifically seen as a tree of wisdom and for the protection of children.

Rosemary – to be added to Incense during any blessing. Rosemary will bring protection, purification and will mark the event as a special occasion.




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