A guide to Winter Herbs…..

Many evergreens and herbs are still going strong in the garden, here is a quick guide to what to harvest and what they can be used for….

Aloe Vera – you might be lucky to have one of these inside, if so you can cut the leaves and apply the oozing gel directly to sooth burns and skin problems. Aloe also speeds the healing of cuts and wounds.

Bay – a wonderful plant used ritually for protection. The Bay will aid digestion so add liberally to stews, stocks and seasonal soups.

Eucalyptus – a decongestant for coughs and colds and a good insect repellent. Eucalyptus is also anti-septic for sore throats and skin treatments.

Holly – bring indoors and combine with Bay and Ivy to create a festive display of greenery. According to Folk Tales this was done in the past to create a home for faeries within the home for the colder months.

Ivy – used in the cosmetics industry in cellulite treatments! never eat the berries!

Olive – the oil can also be used on the skin as a moisturiser as well as for cooking and dressings.

Parsley – a diuretic so do not use if you have kidney problems. Parsley can also aid recovery from anaemia and digestive problems.

Rosemary – used ritually in remembrance and for protection so fittingly Rosemary helps the memory and increases concentration, it can also be used to treat muscle pain.

Sage & Thyme – both can be used as a decongestant and to gargle with for sore throats.

Witch Hazel – used as an anti-inflammatory, the leaves and twigs can be used to soothe bruises, sprains and skin conditions.




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