Astrocal – Unique and Beautiful Moon Calendars

It’s a new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday and the ideal time to start to thinking of the new year ahead, what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. I find a good Calendar and Diary fundamental to this and I am always on the look out for those that track the Moon and Astrological activity as well. I was lucky enough to be recently introduced to Astrocal and their unique and beautiful range of Moon Calendars, Diary’s and Planners. I do struggle every year to find a good Diary and Calendar that contains all the Astrological, Moon and Pagan information I like to follow, but that also allows me space to use the actual Calendar/Diary! I also like to buy a Diary for the right Hemisphere/Time Zone or have it made clear how to make those adjustments – these Calendars include these easy calculation on every page, which is great.

About Astrocal – Astrocal began in 2004 and is a home-grown UK company that operates from an eco housing community in Dorset called The Threshold Centre. It was created by Tina Smale and Ceri Loxley when they both became bored of having the same Moon Calendar on their wall year after year and wanted something different. The beautiful hand created designs move away from the traditional linear to show the circularity of the solar and lunar cycles as well as bringing together art, photography and creative writing in many of the thoughtfully presented products.

Astro Moon Diary 2016 – A very handy A5 size diary that shows 1 week per double page. The diary also includes;

  • Daily Moon phase & sign1431799299-diary-cover-2016
  • Full new & half Moon dates/times
  • New Moon wishes
  • Sun sign forecasts
  • Planetary forecast
  • The night sky Sun rise/set times
  • Moon rise/set times
  • 2016 year ahead
  • Eclipses
  • Pagan festivals & the changing seasons
  • Month-at-a-glance lunar grids
  • Daily planetary ingresses, aspects & void of course data
  • Retrograde table
  • Full ephemeris GMT & BST (with time conversions)

What is really special? The theme of the 7th edition diary is a focus on full and new moon energies (a particular favourite of mine) Each full moon contains a double spread and each new moon has a space to record your wishes and intentions for the forthcoming cycle. The diary also includes Pagan Year information including the Solstices and Festivals and a lovely 2016 Year Ahead Astrological overview. I really like the section on New Moon wishes and will find this immensely useful when focusing my own energies at each new moon. The diary is packed with beautiful illustrations and snippets of information as each week progresses, however it is not so busy you can’t use it as a diary. Also at the back is an ‘at a glance’ month by month planner with moon phase – ideal for recording birthdays and school holidays so they don’t sneak up on you when you turn the page for the following week.

200_200_1431702887-seasons-coverSeasons and Cycles Calendar 2016 – I am really looking forward to using this wall Calendar as the year progresses. The illustration on each page follows the cycle of a tree from January through to December and also includes the name and details of the Full Moon that month as well as the planets that are visible in the night sky and any other significant astrological events such as meteor showers. The best wall calendar I have seen of its type it also contains everything else you would expect to see such as phase of the moon each day.

Lunar Pocket Planner – Season and Cycles – A smaller version of the above and great to throw in your bag. I am planning to keep this with my gardening and planting diaries, so I can see at a glance what will be the best days for sowing and harvesting (if you are interested in using the Moon as a gardening tool, I did a brief introduction post here – Gardening by the Moon). This would also be good to keep with any magical supplies so you can plan rituals and herb gathering at the most beneficial times and would be a good aide to successful spell casting.

I am very tempted by the A6 plain paper ‘Four Season’ notebooks, I think again they will be particularly useful for planning the year ahead in the garden and also for magical workings. I may use one for mundane essential such as shopping lists, holiday packing lists and general day to day notes!

All in all I am really impressed with the thought, design and imagination that has gone into the products that I have seen from Astrocal, and I am really looking forward to using them to plan for a happy, successful and organised 2016. I would urge anyone interested in the Moon, Paganism or Astrology to take a look –

Hope you enjoy the website and the products as much as I have.

Post to follow shortly on Wednesday’s New Moon.

Belle x



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  2. Tracy

    I have used astrocals diaries and wall calendars for years now and they really are the bes, very accurate – and so beautifully illustrated too. I get them for presents for my friends at Winter Solstice – they are now addicted too.

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