Mabon Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere between the 21st September and the 23rd September. It is the 7th Sabbat in the Wiccan year and marks the middle of Autumn, as started with Lughnasadh. Mabon is the time of year when the day is divided equally between light and dark, and sits opposite to Ostara on the Pagan wheel. Mabon is a masculine Sabbat, as although at this point light and day are equal it is from this point that the light gives way to dark.

How to celebrate Mabon in your every day life…..

As this is the point in the year when the sun and the earth are waning, this is also a good moment in time to ‘take stock’ and review where you are in terms of your life. This is typically the time of the year where you actually ‘reap what you sow’. It is a wonderful time of year to get things back in balance after the bright days of summer. Traditionally also representing youth turning into maturity, it is a good time to sort out any financial or legal issues that you may have been avoiding. This is a great time for baking, making jams and chutneys, foraging for blackberries and anything that represents the storing and preserving of food. Many of our modern lifestyles don’t require us to do this any more to survive, there is something incredibly soothing, maybe to the ghosts of our older souls about making a crumble from the fruits in your garden, drying herbs for teas in winter, and baking bread from scratch. I think anything that gets you back in touch with local produce and the process of creating food from the earth to your plate is a perfect way to align with the Sabbat – even better if you can share this with friends and family. For me, however, this is a personal, introspective Sabbat and its the next one – Samhain/Halloween thats all about sharing with friends and family, alive and dead.

To bring the Sabbat into your every day life try to surround yourself with the colours of Autumn, such as orange, yellow, brown and gold, and if you can get hold of one black and one white candle, to represent the God and Goddess/Light and Dark/Sun and Moon, light the candles at sunset on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd and maybe create a small alter surrounded with conkers, pine cones, and beautiful autumn leaves.

I love to try to be outside on these days, ideally at sunset or early evening, if you catch the time right, there can be fewer more beautiful things than a setting autumnal sun over fields and trees’ already on fire with autumn colour. This is where I find the true spirit of the Sabbat.

Happy Mabon all,

Blessed Be

Belle x

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