Divine Nature

The Pagan Experience – Deity and the Divine.

The Divine; The first snowdrop of the year. Walking through the park and discovering a carpet of crocus. A bird on the windowsill. The sound of rain in the tree’s. Wild rabbits grazing by the side of the road. The fresh green shoots on a plant you thought did not survive the Winter. The fox in your back garden at night. Finding Frogspawn. The cat on the doorstep waiting for you to come home. Early blossom. The brown elegant seed heads of last years grasses. The full moon through leafless trees and in your bedroom window at night. Orion pulling his bow.

Deity; In all of the above.

What is your relationship with the Divine? To recognise it in the every day. The Divine can always be found in the smell of fresh rosemary, the robin on the bird table, the light at dusk etc. It is recognising these moments in the every day that makes me feel connected to Nature and in turn the Divine – as for me Nature is Divine.

Devotional? Nature is my Divine, my Deity and my Devotion. Nature is pure Magic.




  1. I love that first paragraph…. It really is that simple and that wonderful isn’t it.


    1. Thank you – and yes I think it is.


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