Spring Fresh – Urban Botanist



Winter is finally loosening her grip on the land and each new day sees more and more bright green slowly unfurl. With Ostara the Spring Equinox just a few weeks away it is the perfect time to clean, cleanse and plan for the season ahead.

Spring cleaning is such a cliche, but every year I find myself doing it and it feels good to sort through cupboards and drawers and generally get the inside of the house organised before more and more of my spare time is spent happily in the garden.

This is a great time to give house plants some love, although inside they slow down in the winter so go through them and pick out any dead leaves and decide which ones will need bigger pots come full on spring time. I like to take mine outside when it is a bit warmer, just for the day, like a little house plant holiday and give them a good hosing down, this will get rid of harder to dust dust and perks them up a treat. Popping them in the bath and giving them a shower works equally as good. I love giving the houseplants a shower, you can literally feel their gratitude.

I have also found the most beautiful Terrariums! I do adore a nice Terrarium. I am on the look out for the perfect place for one of these and I think it is wonderful that you can have one ready made or a kit to complete your own, I think they would make beautiful gifts (sorry about the sales pitch, but I genuinely have fallen in love with them, take a look here, they are gorgeous – www.theurbanbotanist.co.uk I think they would look beautiful and appropriate on any Ostara altar.

It is pretty easy to make your own Terrarium however and old fish bowls, and even larger glass jars work really well, below is a picture of a mini terrarium I made in a jar just a few weeks ago.

Anyway, back to the Spring cleaning, showering my house plants and dreams of tear drop terrariums…….FullSizeRender (2)



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