Simple Spell for Imbolc

Today marks ‘Imbolc’ the gateway to spring and is also a full moon. Use the combined energies of the Earth and the Moon to work this simple ‘diminishing’ spell coupled with a ‘growth’ spell – ideal for Imbolc.

I like to work in three’s where I can for spells – as this reflects the triple aspects of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone). It can also lend another level of reference with the element you ‘bind’ to each aspect.

You will need;

  • A white candle
  • A piece of string or wool
  • A pot
  • Soil
  • 3 x Seeds
  1. Light your candle and set your intentions. Burn come incense also if you have some.
  2. Take your string or wool and whilst holding it create three clear ideas of three things you would like to see ‘diminished’ in your life. For example they could be, poor health, money troubles, household repairs, negativity at work, stress at work etc
  3. Once you have these three issues in mind pick one and whilst focusing on this very clearly make a knot in your string. Then move onto the next one, then the next. Make sure you pure as much of the ill feeling you have around these issues into your knot.
  4. It is up to you how you dispose of the string – you may want to bury it, throw it into the sea or a river – personally I would burn it – the important thing is though is to get rid of it in a way that feels satisfying to you.
  5. Now you can concentrate on growth – the real thing that Imbolc is all about – the real tiny seeds of all that will be good in the coming seasons.
  6. Take your three little seeds, any type of seed will so , that you know will reliably germinate, like Broad Beans, Mint Seeds, Salad Leaf Seeds.
  7. Form three clear ideas in your head of the things you would like to see fill the spaces of the ideas you have diminished – i.e. prosperity, abundance, calmness, good health. Actually visualise this happening to you or whoever this growth is aimed at.
  8. Next plant each little seed, one by one, in your three pots, and which each one bind the very image, thought and feeling of the thing you wish to see grow.
  9. Keep them on a sunny windowsill and provide a little water each day – just so they are moist – and come Ostara you may just be able to plant them outside.

When working spells remember it is the intention that is important and always be careful that whatever you are hoping too diminish or attract could not cause harm to anything or anyone. And always thank the Goddess after each little spell is done.

Belle x



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