One Lovely Blog Award & Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank you very much Ch’kara’s Grimoire and Donning the Crescent for the nomination. I also really enjoy your blogs and would definitely urge others to check them out. I am new to blogging so this was a lovely surprise.

Seven things about me;

  • I am new to blogging and I am probably doing this post wrong.
  • I aspire to one day owning a pygmy goat.
  • My favourite herbs are Lemon Balm and Chamomile.
  • My favorite sabbat is Beltane.
  • My favorite authors are Thomas Hardy and Donna Tartt.
  • When I get angry or sad I bury my feet in the garden.
  • I have over 50 pairs of shoes. I am not even a shoe person. Some of them don’t even fit.

Because I shamefully don’t really know what I am up too – I am going to pinch your nominations – with just two changes; Once Upon a Littlefield (a good book blog) and Hocus Pocus 13 who is very supportive. Please take a look at these beautiful blogs:

  1. Witches Of The Craft
  2. Cosmic Twist
  3. Soul Healing Art
  4. spanishwoods
  5. Out of the Broom Closet
  6. Lifeful Life
  7. Ali Does It Herself
  8. Journey to the Center of the Mind
  9. Sisters on a Spiritual Journey
  10. owyl’s grove
  11. Janaline’s world journey
  12. Ch’kara Silverwolf
  13. Love Letters to Spam
  14. Seventh Sage Art
  15. Hocus Pocus 13
  16. Once Upon a Littlefield

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