December New Moon & The Solstice

Just a few hours after the Solstice (21st December) there will be a New Moon in Capricorn (22nd December). There seems to be fewer names for this Moon than other Moons with Cold Moon, Christmas Moon, Oak Moon and Long Night Moon featuring the most. I personally think if this Moon as the Holly Moon as it is occurring when the ‘Holly King’ is at his strongest, and I always tend to be drawn toward animal and plant names. – also my home is usually filled with jugs and bowls of greenery so it makes sense to associate this Moon with Evergreens.

Most importantly however is to recognise that this weekend is an opportunity to welcome great change. Not only does the solstice mark the longest night of the year – and therefore the point at which the light begins to return (yippee) but the new Moon in Capricorn also lends its power to the start of new beginnings. Since I started following the cycles of the Moon, I have been amazed at how day to day cycles do follow the waxing and waning of the Moons.

This is also a time of celebration, at Yule, a fire festivals of old and a time to celebrate the home and hearth with friends and families. The evergreen of holly symbolises rebirth and new beginnings. The Capricorn New Moon provides a fresh direction for discovery and growth. This one is even more powerful in its capacity to trigger ideas and activities because it occurs in the very first degree of season-starting Capricorn. The commitment, authority and discipline of this ambitious Earth sign send roots into new ground from which opportunities and awareness can emerge at the very same time the Earth will begin very slowly to wake back up. Take a walk over the coming weeks, and if you can find a field hold your hands out above the ground – you can actually feel the power of the earth almost bursting beneath the frozen ground to literally ‘spring’ back out.  This is a time to set your goals and go for them and be ready to be steadfast and strong. Let the power in the returning Sun and the returning Moon lend you there strength as we head into the Christmas season and the New Year. As with anything it is the power of ‘intent’ that remains the most important and with steadfast Capricorn on your side, this may never be stronger!

Happy New Moon and Solstice!

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