Ghost of a Fly

This is another poem I adore, that suits the Halloween mood. This was first published by Vachel Lindsay in The Congo and Other Poems 1914. You can’t but help love that ‘velvet-footed spider with a dress of rainbow dye’

The Spider and the Ghost of a Fly – Vachel Lindsay

Once I loved a spider
When I was born a fly,
A velvet-footed spider
With a dress of rainbow dye.
She ate my wings and gloated.
She bound me with a hair.
She drove me to her parlor
Above her winding stair.
To educate young spiders
She took me all apart.
My ghost came back to haunt her.
I saw her eat my heart.

The image is William Holman Hunt-Lady of Shalot. The wool weaving reminded me of a web and her dress is ‘rainbow dye’ and the other image is an unidentified Art Nouveau illustration.



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