The Diversity of Herbs

My herbs are now all harvested and tied in bunches for use throughout the Autumn and Winter. It’s wonderful when they are still green and fresh. I like to leave them outside for a few hours to give any little passengers a chance to escape then they will hang in my kitchen. They like a cool, steady temperature and not in direct sunlight. Here are a few simple things I like to do with common herbs;

This wonderful woody herb doesn’t really like the winter, so try and bring her inside if you can. Rosemary is great for tummy problems and can be drank in tea and may also help with falling asleep and troublesome thoughts. Rosemary is great for hair and can help to shift dandruff, you can make a great wash from fresh rosemary. Of course Rosemary is very tasty and makes a welcome addition to tomato, lamb and potatoes. I like to burn the seldom used Rosemary stalks as they create a fragrant smoke. Rosemary can also be used for rememberance, purification and fortification.

Lemon Balm
Sometimes called Melissa, I had a huge crop of Lemon Balm this summer. The nicest thing I have found to do with it is swirl it’s delicate leaves and flowers into a hot bath. Traditionally used to attract love and romance, it’s fragrance is both relaxing and invigorating and who couldn’t do with more romance in their lives? You can also drink lemon balm in a tea it is good for insomnia but I am yet to try this.

Bay Laurel
One of my favourite herbs, such a complex flavour and fragrance and such a magical herb. The priestesses at Delphi ate bay leaves to assist them with their insights. You can also use bay to attract love and good will simply burn the leaves in a fire, they smell wonderful. It is good to have a bay in your garden as they are said to bring protection and if course my favourite thing to do with bay is add a single leaf to stocks and stews, bay loves strong beef type flavours.


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